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Stress Audit

  What is StressAudit® ?

Designed by CAPITAL SANTE, StressAudit® is a health survey service to the professional stress components present in a company.

Using innovative software, StressAudit® lets you deal with the stress issue thoroughly, objectively and calmly.

The results of the audit are given in figures, with comments, and are operational; notably enabling you to:

  • Evaluate stress levels thanks to objective, quantifiable indicators.
  • Identify the populations that are most exposed.
  • Identify stress factors related to the work environment and conditions.
  • Determine preventive actions
  • Complete the professional risk evaluation and enrich the Single Document.

  What does StressAudit® measure ?

StressAudit® uses scientific stress measurement scales that have been used in professional environments for many years.

Four dimensions are explored :

  • The stress level
  • The stress factors present in the work environment
  • The psychological effects of stress on individuals
  • The subjective perception that employees have of their stress
These results are crossed with socio-professional criteria (age, profession, department, seniority, daily transport, etc.) for a refined analysis by sub-population.

  How is a StressAudit® project carried out?

  1. You employees are invited by e-mail or letter to connect to the address of an Internet site that is specially designed for the survey and is hosted by CAPITAL SANTE.
  2. The employee answers the scientific stress evaluation questionnaire anonymously.
  3. At the end of the questionnaire, he/she obtains a commented evaluation report.
  4. All of the answers are consolidated to make up the collective results.
  5. After an in-depth statistical analysis, our consultants issue an audit report giving the details of the results and recommendations for action.

This demonstration site was designed to allow you to carry out your stress evaluation as if you were an employee belonging to the population studied.
! You need the codes provided by CAPITAL SANTE. If you do not have them, click here


  For further information

StressAudit® is designed and commercialized by CAPITAL SANTE, a specialist in occupation healthcare solutions and Stimulus, a stress management consulting firm.

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